Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Network News One Transcript #12


Natalie got her wish.  NN1 is no longer just the home of hot ass blonde chicks with big titties.  Now there will be a diverse array of female reporters with average to below average looks and titty sizes.

Do you think ratings will suffer?  Discuss.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 119


Did you see this happy ending coming?

I could go on, but I’ll let Mutumbo sum it up for me:

“Yes, I will be very good for Mr. Cole, sir,” Mutumbo said as he hugged Valerie. “And thank you, Mrs. Valerie, ma’am, for rescuing me from that third world hellhole, a place where I have known nothing but death, destruction, torture and torment since the day I was born and bringing me here to America, where soon, God willing, I will become a typical American child, telling my new parents that they have ruined my life beyond all repair simply for buying me the wrong plastic toy.”

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 117


A good ending for Walter.  He’s being chased by famous women.  Is that good that he won’t be alone anymore, or bad because these women are only interested because he is now famous as well?  Time will tell.

There’s some underlying tension between Natalie and Walter.  They are unlikely as a couple and yet they worked together well professionally.  It seems that just underneath the surface, both are wondering if they should explore romance together yet for a million reasons, they let that option pass.

It’s funny, the whole “#metoo” movement broke right after I wrote this rough draft so maybe I am a fortune teller or maybe this is just something that always happened before it became blasted across the Internet.  At any rate, Natalie gets her due and Kurt gets his comeuppance.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 111


It may seem hokey, but this was the moment Cole needed.

Admit it.  We’re all guilty of not appreciating the gift of life we’ve been given.  We wallow in our sorrows, feel hopeless, act like being dead wouldn’t be so bad but then, when faced with the prospect of actual death, we realize the alternative is way better.

Cole had to see those big gator jaws coming at him to realize he wasn’t ready to meet his maker.  For most of us though, death won’t come in the form of gator jaws.  It’ll come in the form of heart disease, cancer, some other bodily issue and though inevitable, perhaps we can stave it off as long as we can by exercising, eating right, etc.

Life is better than the alternative.

Toilet Gator Chapter Notes – Chapter 105


OK, I’ll admit it.  The Dumb Dad thing was my chance to crowbar in a whole commentary about sitcoms portray fathers as idiots.  Sure, there are plenty of dads who are dumb, but aren’t there some who are smart?  Can’t there occasionally be a smart dad?  And why are moms always portrayed as geniuses?  Isn’t there at least one dumb mom out there?

Sweet merciful butt nuggets.

Do you think the professor was tripping balls or did that conversation with Sally actually happen?